The tenth session of national

date:[2010/11/6]    [2889]Time
    The tenth session of national building identification and reinforcement technology exchange will in October 15th -18 day in the southern city of Huangshan City is held smoothly emblem. My company as a contributing sponsor full assistance session work, and made of Kevlar fiber reinforced concrete structures lecture.Aramid fiber is not conductive, to make up for the traditional carbon fiber reinforcement easy to conductive defect, advanced fiber reinforcement method in tunnel, rail transportation and other fields of application.The session attendance number about 600, is strengthening field as the top event, the scientific research institutes, design, construction units, each expert scholar Professor gathers, summing up the past, look to the future.Campus security reinforcement is the meeting of key concern, Wenchuan, after the Yushu earthquake, the country increased infrastructure investment, school safety is especially important.For seismic reinforcement, my company pushing having impact peel strength structural adhesive, excellent toughness, good ductility, the seismic retrofitting has protection function.Product quality engineering quality, engineering security relations school safety, school safety relationship personal safety.For seismic retrofitting, GB50550-2010specified must use impact peel strength structural adhesive.

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