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    Building structure in service period, with the passage of time, due to deterioration, damage resulting from the use of functional decline, or due to technical constraints, and the use of function change conditions make project can not normal use. If we can scientifically analyze the deterioration, damage rule and degree, to take timely and effective measures, can delay the process of structure damage, prolong the service life of structures. Therefore, structural reliability assessment and reinforcement technology has gradually become the hot issues in the field of engineering.Many engineering and technical personnel and the research community has turned its attention to the field, the structural identification and strengthening technology in a prominent position. For building reliable identification and assessment of building reinforcement, is the basis, but also reinforcing the primary problem, therefore, to be congenitally deficient or acquired mismanagement of the buildings, improper use or as a counterbalance to natural disasters in the reinforcement of buildings, post-disaster building repair and need to add layer, modification of the building, to enter". Older" period required for diagnosis, screening and treatment of buildings, are needed to investigate, examine, and make a scientific appraisal and assessment.Building identification and evaluation, including the building safety, durability and usage in three aspects, the three closely related but also has the very big difference, the reinforcement effect is not the same. If the safety of the structures is seriously insufficient, it is dangerous, should be removed as quickly as possible, do not need reinforcement; if the use is not good, should be reinforcement; if the lack of durability, is for reinforcement.Although our architectural and structural design, construction technology and management level has great development and improvement, however, each year there is a considerable amount of new construction quality accident. They or because of technical strength is weak, the level of construction needs to be further improved; or because of inadequate design, even wrong; or due to management confusion, misuse of materials and natural disasters such as earthquakes caused by. Therefore, for these new housing construction engineering accidents occurred during the construction of the assessment and reinforcement treatment technology should also receive attention.
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