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    One, the design stageIn 1, according to the relevant requirements of GB50367-2006grade Ⅰ, reasonable selection of carbon fiber cloth and a structural adhesive2, adhesive main difference in toughness and damp heat aging performance, in the actual engineering can not simply to strength testing to assess the colloidal properties, often inferior adhesive high early strength.In two, the construction phaseIn 1, finishing raw structure should adopt special repair material on the original member cracks and local defect repair; after repairing, the original component surface flatness deviation shall be not more than 1.5mm/mIn 2, the construction personnel should take effective measures of protection, the use of chemical glue, good ventilation should be maintained in construction site.3, strengthening works use structural adhesive, should according to the engineering quantity in a play. Site acceptance shall be checked during its variety, grade, packaging, marking, Chinese security performance evaluation report, date of production, the factory inspection report. Retest indices: tensile strength, tensile bond strength, resistance to heat aging properties.Sample number : each of the3 pieces of each500g, after mixing.In 4,4.2.2- note: if the adhesive aging properties of rapid test failed, allowing to retest, retest modified as qualified qualified5, if the product performance testing report and factory inspection report are made vertical mobility, the application period and heat distortion temperature measurement, the approach reinspection adhesive process performance, can only check report validity.6, fiber composite materials according to the engineering quantity in a play.Fiber composite sample review index:The tensile strength, elastic modulus, elongation of the standard &#118alueThe mass per unit area of plate and fiber volume contentThe number of K suspicion should be detected K number7, quality control of general project:Carbon fiber fabric and weft weft, short, every 100m should not be more than 3;The broken warp ( including single and double root ), each100m length should not be more than 2.A length of cloth± 1.5% plate± 1%Board thickness± 0.05mmIn 8, the adhesive layer thickness control:Cloth:1mm~2mm:1mm~3mmIn 9,10.3.5 fiber composite material adhesive after static curing adhesive products, and according to the instructions of the curing temperature and curing time for maintenance.As to 7d, should be used to shore durometer hardness detection layer, and judge the degree of curing, and to the shore hardness of HD ≥ 70qualified. Then the construction quality inspection, acceptance.If shore hardness HD < 70, should remove heavy paste, with good adhesive and curing properties.
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