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    1, there are many uses of carbon fibre reinforced concrete structure engineering, the use &#118alue of450g/m2 thick cloth used in low cost, and is not in violation of the regulations the provisions of CECS146:2003, and used to replace the thin cloth to obtain better economic benefits. But in this process, generally ignored the thick cloth and its response to the adhesive process requirements, and still according to the conventional method of the design and construction, which to date have reinforcement engineering there are varying degrees of potential security problems. Based on the severity of the problem, although in the reinforcement project of abuse of thick cloth by the use of a unit 's responsibility, but the current rules, only in the explanation that the use of thick cloth is very difficult to guarantee the construction quality, but not in explanation clearly pointed out on the adhesive and adhesive technology of special requirements, and a a need to compensate for the defect. This national standard" design code for strengthening concrete structure" to see the problem in a very clearly defined.2, because the international market on carbon fiber demand jumps, directly affect the carbon fiber imports, and domestic building reinforcement carbon fiber demand also increases increasingly, that appeared to demand exceeds supply situation. The carbon fiber cloth with a sharp rise in price. In the interest of the drives, some unscrupulous manufacturers to use inferior materials processing, sales of counterfeit, false carbon fiber cloth. According to incomplete statistics in a few short months had sales of more than 2square meters. Now know some about the true, false carbon fiber cloth features described as follows, for recognition, judgment reference.


Carbon fiber cloth due to false appearance with carbon fiber cloth are alike, so you can fool some non professional personnel, plus some small construction team and affiliated team in order to reduce the cost but also intends to use false carbon fiber cloth to deceive party and supervision unit. Due to false carbon fiber strength is low, cannot play the role of strengthening project quality, is bound to bring great hidden trouble of safety, but also damage of the carbon fiber reinforcement reputation, hope that the majority of the design, construction, inspect manage personnel to raise vigilance, act together, refused to fake products, give the owner an assured, also a peace of mind.3, carbon fiber ( Carbon Fiber CF) is only the ordinary people of the fineness of1/10, as long as the simple use of resin integrated fasciculate, can have a metal of high strength10times. At present, more mature, throw industrialized production carbon filament materials used are: polyacrylonitrile ( PAN ) fiber, viscose fiber, asphalt. Carbon fiber production is the process of removing impurity elements ( mainly H, N, CL, O ), purification, reforming carbon chain process.Polyacrylonitrile ( PAN ) specification for single fiber ( Filament ) the diameter of about 7μ, generally every 5000roots,10000or 20000 roots of single fiber bundles ( Tow ) finished, almost continuous fiber to fiber or fabric shape style show, but there are also cut short fiber products. Product model expressed by K, such as 12K refers to $100002000single fiber products. The 12~24K specification is commonly known as the small tow carbon fiber ( Regular tow ),48~320K product is called large tow carbon fiber ( Large tow ).Fiber K number decreases the price more expensive, the current national regulations require fiber must be 12K and below the small tow. But affected by the current market price, reinforcement of malicious malign competition effects, some unscrupulous manufacturers to use large K number fiber woven cloth, the cloth construction requirements, common adhesives are completely unable to compatibility. To this end, the national" building structure reinforcement engineering code for construction quality acceptance of" has this issue have the definite description.
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