The combination use of Tonggu carbon fiber plate and its assorted adhesive substance composes carbon fiber complex plate series with high performance。 It's applicable to the fortification of construction structure and bridge structure。

  The minimum fiber volume content of Tonggu unidirectional carbon fiber plate is 75%。Arrange multiple fiber in neatly row and carefully impregnate it into type A base double-wedge heat reactive vinylite, thus providing good durability, anti-corrosion and anti-weathering in banded form。

  As the outside strengthening system of structure fortification,after processing the base level materials of structure components,it can be directly put into use without any install instrument and supporting gauge。

  The construction thickness Small size construction thickness makes it easy for crossing. High lengthen resistant strength and high spring module. It can provide random length and requires no related joint.Light weight makes it easy for construction.Good anti-fatigue property.Anti-alkaline, anti-corrosion, anti-acid


  The base level surface used for adhering should be clean. Polish or use other methods to get rid of all dirty substance (dust, fat, surface sheathing) until the solid surface appears. Make sure the base level surface is smooth. After finishing, use industry cleaner and acetone to clear completely the dust on the surface. Then use straightedge of 2M to check the vertical discrepancy of the processed surface, and the permissible error is ±5mm per ±2m at all directions.
  Since the purpose of using Tonggu carbon fiber plate is to improve the structure components, loading transmission between structure and plate should be ensured. Many testing methods can test the applicability of the adhesive complex material of the concrete surface. Please refer to annex A, B of CECS146:2003.

  Using scrapper to paint concrete base level surface with structure adhesive substance of 4-5mm thick. Then paint the plate with structure adhesive substance of 1-2㎜ thick, and the center line zone is 3㎜。
  Note: The minimum adhesive thickness of 2mm should be maintained between plate and concrete surface.
  Put plate to the surface of structure and add pressure uniformly. Adhere plate to corresponding position. Extrude all air and surplus adhesive substance. Finally, get rid of surplus adhesive substance and clear up the edging area.

  Tonggu carbon plate should be kept in shadowy, dry environment, avoiding sun light.




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