Cooperated with Shanghai TongJi University and East China University of Science and Technology, Shanghai Yichang New Material Science & Technology Co.,Ltd. is an advanced high-tech enterprise which studies, develops and produces carbon fiber products. Backed by TongJi University's strong power in civil engineering technology as well as East China University of Science and Technology's solid strength in chemical technology research, our company is a market-oriented company which combines manufacture, study and research together.

  Our company's leading products includes: "TongGu(Mutual Solid)" Brand carbon fiber cloth, carbon fiber panel, carbon fiber steel as well as necessary glues.

  Our products, from raw material, finished products, marketing, to service, all are under a comprehensive quality management and supervision. All technical specifications accord with the requirement of <<Reinforcement for Concrete Structure with Carbon Fiber Material Regulations>> CECS146:2003, <<Reinforcement for Concrete Structure with Enforced Fiber composite materials Regulations>> of Shanghai project-building Regulations, as well as <<Reinforcement for Concrete Project with Affix Carbon Fiber composite material and Its Acceptance Regulations(revision)>>.

  Shanghai Jianfeng Yichang Project Technology Co., Ltd is a joint enterprise Shanghai Yichang Carbon Fibre Material Ltd.and Shanghai Tongji New Industry Development Compay of Tongji University. This company dedicates itself to the "four skills" service in civil engineering field.

  Established by the Civil Engineering Institute of Tonggi University and Shanghai Yichang Carbon Fiber Material Co.,Ltd, Tonggi YiChang Research Centre of Project material is a research institute subordinating to Tongji University.

  he center not only undergoes a wide research in bridge-building inspection, appraisal and reinforcement, but in new technology, new skills and new products of the engineering materials. Apart from this, we offer relevant technology consultation, service and direction. We have made various science and technology achievements in the field of application of engineering materials in carbon fiber-made leading products..

  At present, professors, tutors of doctors, national registered engineers and researchers are available in the center.

· Beijing Railway Station Reconstruction Project
· Office building of state department in Zhongnanhai
· The Reconstruction of National Industry Building
· Dongdan Stadium
· The construction of Universe Boat Base for flight department
· Office Building of Agricultural Department
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